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Commercial Laundry Equipment

Grandimpianti_EB25_33_41 EB Tumble dryer range
The professional EB tumble dryers are well-advanced compared to existing drying machines. They were created in 2007 by developing two innovative and efficient concepts: the same control used in washing machines and drying considered as a process and not as a count-down. The electronic control that manages these clothes drying machines is the same as the washing machine, the G400 in its DRY* function. The reason for this choice is to have two very different machines that share the same philosophy and behaviour guaranteed ease of use for the user and simplified maintenance for the service, also due to the possibility to interchange spare parts.

Standard configuration

G400 Dry electronic control
Electric heated 38 kW
Inverter control
380-415V 3~ 50/60Hz
Stainless steel lint filter

High-Spin washing machines
A robust structure made of steel, quad¬ruple suspension with dampers, induction motor and inverter technology, and ball bearings with 4 anchor points.
Electronic control of the EC series, or the G900 on request, is entirely programmable.
These are only a few of the features that make these models industrial in all aspects, and suitable for intensive use.
Household appliance dimensions and execution times of industrial programs, with the possibility to set all washing pa-rameters based on individual requirements.
Spinning up to 1200rpm!


The solution of the smooth drum al¬lows even the most delicate and fragile items to be treated in absolutely safety.
Asymmetric air flow inside the drum uniformly distributes heat, optimising drying.
The ER83 dryer is an ideal partner for the WF6 washing machine.
It has excellent versatility, thanks to the gas, and single or three-phase electric heating solution.

The professional tumble-dryer ER handles up to 8 kg of laundry per load and is available with gas or electric heating.

Industrial Luandry Equipment

Professional use ironing board 021 Standard configuration finissaggio_main
Professional use ironing board

Automatic self-contained ironing units with extracting and heated ironing board.
Iron included.
Electrical feed pump (essential with systems providing pressure below Atm. 2,5).
2° iron.
050 commercial ironing table
External steam connection
Steam vacuum table
Complete with iron
Feed pump

Universal press

Using a press gives you the possibilty of being able to modify the pressure applied according to the garment being finished; moreover, the combination of steam and air creates a "new" effect on many fabrics.
The press can be self contained, with built-in electric boiler for steam production and vacuum or arranged for connection to central stem and vacuum.
The press must be connectted to compressed air.


Commercial ironer S250/40

Clothing form finisher
042 - 043

Automatic rapid pressing machines, with exceptional high quality results for jackets, coats, raincoats, shirts etc (form finishers mod. 042 - 043). Production is one piece per minute.

These machines are equipped with three timers, wich automatically distribute steam, mix air/stream, and dry the garment by means of a powerful ventilator, according to the time established by the operator for each phase.

The model 042 has a built-in 15 ltr steam generator (in fonformity with ISPESL norms), while mod. 043 is to be connected to central steam.

Roller Ironers
The Livoken range of Ironers are perfect for large operations and OPLs doing a large amount of ironing. With high pressure ironing and unlimited control over the variable temperature, these ironers are perfect for any ironing job.
In a range of sizes from 250mm diameter to 500mm diameter, with optional extras such as crossfolders and stackers, these ironers are a great choice.

Standard configuration

* 140 cms roller length
* Electrical heating
* Cotton cover
* 3x380-400V/50Hz

Speed control
Speed control (Recommended)
Speed control, Extractor fan & Nomex cover
Electrical connection
230-240V 3~50/60Hz
440-480V 3~ 60Hz
220-240V 1~ 50/60Hz

Commercial ironer S250/40
Standard configuration

Electric, Gas, Steam
Nomex bands
Max press coating
Electronic control
Speed control
Adjustable heat setting


Commercial ironer S100/18EM
A medium size flat work roller iron that is ideal for light commercial use, with simple pedal operation that allows operator use of both hands during the ironing process. Available in electric heat only but can work on a 1 phase or 3 phase power option. Easy operator use with a 1000 mm wide working area and three simple heat settings together with finger guard protection as standard. Easy Installation and can be installed against a wall. Ideal flat work ironer for small guest house and care homes alike. H 940mm x W 1150mm x D 400mm Weight 72kg

Standard configuration

Electric Heat
Bearing supported roller
Finger guard
Electronic control
Adjustable heat setting



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